How do you know if a strategy session is right for you?

★ You may be starting to think about creating an evergreen course or webinar, but aren’t sure where to start.

★ You want to get some information regarding the tech of starting your own course, membership, or evergreen webinar.

★You want to get some guidance on the steps to creating a successful evergreen launch.

Sound familiar?

Let’s come up with an action plan for your course!

Step 1

Book a FREE discovery call! You and I will sit down and chat together. We will talk about your shor-term and long-term goals, and I will give you some information about what I do as an OBM. 

This gives me a chance to learn about your business and see what we need to cover in our strategy session.

Step 2

Book your 90-minute strategy session.  I’ll send you a questionnaire  before our session to make sure that we are super clear on your goals for the session and for your action plan.

Every strategy session is unique, based on your goals. We can discuss sales pages, courses, memberships, webinars… the sky is the limit!

Step 3

One week after our call, I will send you a detailed action plan for your course or membership with my suggestions and some tutorials.

From here, you can implement the action plan with your team, or you have the option to work with me on a discounted VIP day to make it happen!

What is included with a strategy session?

★  A one-on-one 90 minute call that focuses on the planning and action steps needed to take your course or membership and make it a reality!

★ I will answer as many questions as I can regarding your course or membership – bring your questions to the call or include them on the questionnaire so I have your questions ahead of time.

★ We will discuss the best route to take with what you’re selling, and talk about email sequences, automations, webinars, launches vs. evergreen, and more!

★ Unlimited email support for one week after receiving your action plan.

★ Walk away with that awesome feeling that you’ve accomplished something big for your business!

★ Take your action plan and implement it with your team, or book a discounted VIP day with me where we will make the plan a reality!

Ready to skip to your strategy session NOW??